muze network

Use Cases

With Muze Network you can build a community around just about anything. Your creativity, hobby, cause, business, whatever you feel passionate about and want to share with the world. Here are just a few examples of how online community builders could put Muze Network to work for them.

Molly – Yoga and Wellness Instructor

Molly is an expert Yoga instructor who teaches her own classes as well as trains those who want to become Yoga instructors. She wants to find ways to better engage with and grow her online community beyond just her small town as well as find new sources of passive income, especially online since she is so busy with teaching every day.

Molly’s Community Economy Plan

Energy Coin: $YOGA

Seed Grant: Molly receives 50,000 of her $YOGA coin as a seed grant.

Social Groups: A Yoga and wellness social group with discussion forums.

Promotion: Everyone who joins her Yoga and wellness social group receives 100 $YOGA.

Livestream Events: Live Zoom Yoga and relaxation sessions for members worldwide. Schedule the event and sell tickets for 500 $YOGA using Muze Network event calendar and ticketing.

Blog Articles: Molly writes a series of articles about Yoga and meditation. Members unlock them with the click of a button for 50 $YOGA coin each.

Online Learning: Molly creates a series of video lessons with the built-in online learning system. She charges 1,500 $YOGA for each series of lessons.

Paid Memberships: Molly creates a membership program using built-in Muze Network membership tools, that provides members access to all her articles and online learning courses.

Molly’s Earnings: Molly earns enough $YOGA so that she can cash out some of it for dollars and some for MUZE tokens, which she holds onto and invests.

John – Musician

John is an up-and-coming musician who writes music and performs at local venues. He’s built a loyal fanbase and is looking for ways to engage and interact with his fans in a creative way. Something more than a typical fan club. 

John’s Community Economy Plan

Energy Coin: $JONSTONE.

Seed Grant: John receives 50,000 of his $JONSTONE coin as a seed grant.

Social Groups: He creates a social group with discussion forums for him and his fans to interact and have conversations.

Promotion: To get things started he invites his fans to his Muze Network community and distributes 50 $JONSTONE to everyone that joins his new social group.

Promote an Event: His manager promotes an upcoming show and sells tickets for 50 $JONSTONE using the built-in events calendar and ticketing.

Lottery: John’s manager creates a lottery using his Muze Network online store and sells tickets for 100 $JONSTONE. 40 winners of the lottery win tickets to a special upcoming show and get his newest track.

Livestream: He schedules and holds an interactive livestream where he performs some of his new work and chats with fans and requires each person attending have $JONSTONE in their Energy Coin wallet.

Online Store: After his community grows a bit he starts selling merchandise like t-shirts, in his own store, earning more of his $JONSTONE coin. with each purchase.

John’s Earnings: John is able to exchange his $JONSTONE earnings on a monthly basis for US Dollars.

Kari – Founder of Small Charity

Kari is the founder of a relatively new charity that works to help poor communities around the world gain access to healthy, clean water supplies. She wants to spread the word about the issue as well as raise money that can be used for small projects in a few communities where she has contacts.

Kari’s Community Economy Plan

Energy Coin: $WATER

Seed Grant: Kari receives 50,000 of her $WATER coin as a seed grant.

Social Groups: She creates a social group dedicated to water access issues and discussion forums about the topic.

Promote an Event: Kari schedules and promotes a fundraising event using the built-in events calendar and ticketing. She charges 900 $WATER for tickets to a show with live music and an art display.

Blogging and Photo/Media Albums: She writes a series of compelling blog articles about her previous trips to communities she has worked with and shares moving photos and video in her Muze Network photo and media album.

Online Store: Kari sells products such as bracelets and necklaces made in the communities she supports in her Muze Network store and charges various amounts of $WATER for each.

Kari’s Earnings: Kari is able to convert earned $WATER to US Dollars on a regular basis. She decides to also exchange some amounts of $WATER for MUZE tokens which she uses to invest in some crypto yield farming opportunities to earn passive income for the charity.

Dan – Manager of Semi-pro Soccer Team

Dan is the manager of a semi-pro soccer team called The Torrent. He’d like to develop a fan club and engage with fans online and promote games and creative ways to increase ticket sales and find new sources of revenue.

Dan’s Community Economy Plan

Energy Coin: $TORRENT, after the name of the team

Seed Grant: Dan’s team receives 50,000 of his $TORRENT coin as a seed grant.

Livestream Event: To introduce the new community and fan club approach Dan schedules a fun livestream event with himself and 3 of the star players and charges 50 $TORRENT for fans to attend online.

Event Ticket Sales: Dan sets up ticket sales for special front row tickets and a meet and greet with the team. He promotes them by sending out a message to all the members of the community

Paid Memberships: Dan sets up a paid membership program and sells it for 5,000 $TORRENT. The membership acts like a season ticket package for several games.

Online Store Auction: Dan uses the built-in auction functionality in the Muze Network online store to set up an auction for a set of online trading card NFT’s. Bids are made in the team’s $TORRENT coin.

Torrent’s Earnings: Dan and the team are able to use the community as an additional source of revenue and cash out significant amounts in the form of US Dollars on a regular basis.

Jackson – Photographer

Jackson is a popular young photographer who is looking for new ways to connect with his followers and fans, and new ways to monetize his marketing efforts.

Jackson’s Community Economy Plan

Energy Coin: $JPHOTO.

Seed Grant: Jackson receives 50,000 of his $JPHOTO coin as a seed grant.

Blogging: Jackson writes a series of articles about shoots he has been on along with photos from the shoot and tips and techniques he uses.

Paid Memberships: He sets up a paid membership for access to all his articles about his shoots and photography tips and charges 1,500 $JPHOTO.

Social Groups: Jackson sets up both a private and a public social group for him and his fans and followers to interact and discuss his projects and photography in general. To be a member of his private group members pay $2,000 $JPHOTO.

Photo Albums: He creates various photo albums for his fans and followers of some of his best work using built-in photo and media albums. He makes them available only to members of his private social group.

Online Learning: Jackson creates a short series of online courses for aspiring photographers, using the built-in online learning tools. He charges various amounts of $JACKSON per course and for a package of courses.

Jackson’s Earnings: Jackson exchanges the $JPHOTO coin he’s earned on a regular basis for MUZE tokens and converts it to cryptocurrency which he uses to build an investment portfolio.