muze network Ecosystem

MUZE Token

MUZE is the utility and gateway token for the entire Muze Network project and each community that it powers. It also supports operations, platform development and management.

Energy Coin Support

MUZE Token guarantees both the value and liquidity of each community’s Energy Coin, no matter the size of the community or its capitalization. In this way we can guarantee the health and stability of many mini economies that would not stand on their own.

Project Support and Maintenance

MUZE Token will also be used to fund operations, ecosystem and platform development, management and administration, liquidity rewards programs, and community rewards programs.

Energy Coin Gateway

Holders of community Energy Coin can exchange it for MUZE tokens, according to a vesting schedule that applies to all managers and members. Thus allowing them to exchange Energy Coin they earn for MUZE tokens, another crypto, or fiat currency.

Charitable Giving Initiatives

Up to 5% will be permanently allocated for charitable giving initiatives. All holders of any Energy Coin or MUZE tokens will be able to participate in decision-making and make recommendations for new project initiatives.

The Energy Coin and MUZE Token Economic Engine

As the number of communities and members grows so does the MUZE Token transaction activity.

MUZE Token Info

Token TickerMUZE
Token TypeBEP-20 (Binance Smart Chain)
Max Supply15,000,000,000 (minted, capped)
Circulating Supply at Launch2,017,245.69
ContractContract on BSCScan
WhitepaperMuze Network White Paper

MUZE Token Allocation

Energy Coin Support60%
Ecosystem Development6%
Treasury and Charitable Initiatives5%
Liquidity Rewards5%
Seed Investors4%
Strategic Partnerships3.5%

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