muze network ecosystem

Community Platform

Tools for Community Builders

Build and manage your community of fans and followers with a powerful set of tools. Sell things in your own e-commerce shop, create social groups, manage paid memberships, develop exclusive content, livestream, write and blog, develop learning materials and courses, promote in-person and virtual events, sell event tickets, run your own auctions, and more.

Build your community for free. No fees ever!

Phase One Features

Your Own Ecommerce Shop

Sell both tangible and non-tangible products, including virtual and downloadable, in your own storefront. Accept your own community currency.

Messaging Built-in

A full featured messaging capability is built-in, allowing you to communicate directly with any other member.

Events and Event Tickets

With a full-featured event calendar system built-in, you can promote events, both in person and online/virtual (Zoom and others built-in), with the ability to sell tickets in your community currency.

Event Tickets

Create and manage events tickets and RSVP’s for both online and in person events. A complete, fully featured ticket management system at your fingertips. Ability to require payment in your community currency.


Create fully functional auctions in your own online store. Physical products and also virtual and downloadable. Advanced auction features under your control.


Blog - Write

Write articles, with various kinds of embedded media, if you wish. Make them available to your members or the entire Muze Network community.

Zoom Integration

Zoom meetings are supported and tightly integrated. List and promote Zoom meetings for your members in groups and forums. Promote Zoom livestream events with the ability to sell tickets.



Use your community in the Muze Network to promote your livestreams. With a robust events and ticketing system built-in, promote them, control attendance and when you wish sell tickets (in your community currency) or require RSVP’s


Create contests with Rafflecopter and promote them and use them incentivize and engage with your community members.

Photos - Photo Albums

As you’d expect you can upload images and store them in albums. Add descriptions, allow community members to like and comment. Use them to engage and interact with your community. Restrict access to exclusive photos in blog articles.


Engage members by creating your own lotteries, right within your storefront. What the winners receive can be just about anything. Number of participants, prizes, winners and more all under your control.

IG Feed

Embed your Instagram feed in posts for added engagement and promotion of your IG profile.

Social Groups

Create public and private groups that meet your community building needs. Create discussion forums and post just about anything you want. Groups form a hub of your community building activities.


Courses and Learning Materials

A robust online learning system is tightly integrated into the Muze Network. Create courses, learning modules, quizzes, make them free and public or require payment in your community currency,

Energy Coin - Your Own Digital Currency

You have your own community currency. Be creative and build incentives for your members to use it. They can purchase it, spend it, and send it, all within the Muze Network.

Paid Memberships

Create and manage paid memberships. Use them to restrict access to content, groups and more.


Exclusive Content

Restrict access to content you create. Require payment in your community currency to gain access to all or part.


Embed Content

Embed all kinds of content in groups and articles. Livestreams, video, photos, etc.

Discussion Forums

Discussion forums reside inside your groups. You can create as many or as few as you need. Use them to engage and interact with your community. Post and highlight just about anything you need.

Group Messaging

Stay in touch with your groups by sending messages out to all or only selected group members, whenever you wish.

$LIQUID - Liquidity Pool Participation

Any Community Manager or member can help Muze Network grow and earn very significant rewards in the form of MUZE tokens. By purchasing a special kind of Energy Coin called $LIQUID, anyone can add liquidity to sanctioned Muze Token liquidity pools, and earn lots of extra MUZE in return. Check out the Liquidity Pool Rewards page for details.

Polls and Forms

Create polls and forms and present them to your community members in a variety of ways. Gather data and engage.



Your groups can have their own chat room. Use it to interact with any members with access to your group(s).


User Support

A user support ticketing system is available for all community managers and their members. We are committed to making sure your experience in the Muze Network is smooth and productive.

Let’s build it!