muze network

How It Works

Build and Manage your Own Community

Build and manage your community of fans and followers with a powerful set of tools. Sell things in your own ecommerce shop, create social groups and discussion forums, manage paid memberships, develop exclusive content, livestream, write and blog, develop learning materials and courses, promote in-person and virtual events, sell event tickets, run your own auctions, and more.


Build your community for free. No fees ever!

Create your Own Community Economy

As a community manager, realize powerful new monetization opportunities when you gain control over your own, custom-named digital currency (like JOHNCOIN or GDNLUV), that community members purchase and spend in ways you control. When they spend it, you earn it. You are the one benefitting from your hard work, not social media giants or advertisers when you build and gain control over your very own community economy.

Get Paid

When you’re ready, cash-out desired amounts of the Energy Coin you’ve earned for US Dollars or MUZE tokens. MUZE is the utility and gateway cryptocurrency for the entire Muze Network, which trades on major Defi exchanges. MUZE Token supports the entire collective of communities within the Muze Network.

Let’s build it!