muze network Ecosystem


Muze Network Ecosystem

Muze Network is a revolutionary new ecosystem for building, managing and growing an online community. It’s built for creators of all kinds, and provides those curating an online community of fans and followers the ability to leverage the power of their own digital currency. The Muze Network is designed to provide community builders with the power of a digital economy, while at the same time overcoming several significant barriers faced by individuals and other projects attempting to create a “social token” or “community currency” future.

We’ve built the Muze Network Ecosystem on three foundational pillars:

Key Features

Social Groups
Discussion Forums
Ecommerce Shop
Built-in Messaging
Events and Event Tickets
Online Courses and Learning
Zoom Integration
Livestream Events
Paid Memberships
Exclusive Content
Blog – Write
Photo – Media Albums
User Support
And more…

Community Platform

A powerful, online community management platform that enables the development of an engaging and robust online community . With it, community managers engage and interact with their fans and followers, and manage a variety of ways their members can both purchase and spend their digital currency (Energy Coin). Social groups and discussion forums, online learning, blogging, events and ticketing, built-in messaging, paid memberships, and more.

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Build your community for free. No fees ever!

Energy Coin

As a Community Manager you gain control over your own, custom named, digital currency, which we call Energy Coin. As your community members purchase and spend it, you earn it. Use the built-in tools of the community platform to incentivize and enable the use and circulation of your Energy Coin. As your community engagement and activity grows, so does your community economy. Energy Coin your members purchase and spend comes directly to you. The more community activity you generate, the more you earn.

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Exchange Your Energy Coin

When you are ready, exchange the Energy Coin you’ve earned for MUZE tokens or US Dollars. MUZE is the utility and gateway token supporting every Muze Network community. 

Energy Coin Rewards

Each month Muze Network distributes Energy Coin rewards to community managers and their members based on activity and engagement measures. The more active your community is and the more members you recruit the more rewards you earn.

MUZE Token

MUZE serves as a utility and gateway token for the Muze Network and its communities. Energy Coin generated by communities is backed by an equal amount of MUZE, in a virtual funding pool for each community. The price of community Energy Coin is pegged to the price of MUZE. Holders of any Energy Coin can exchange it for MUZE tokens when they are ready, based on a vesting schedule that applies to all members and community managers.

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By serving as the backbone and supporting currency for each community’s Energy Coin, MUZE guarantees both the value and liquidity of each community, no matter its size. In this way, we can guarantee the health and stability of many mini economies that would not stand on their own.

Crypto Gateway

A BEP20 token, on the Binance Smart Chain, MUZE is tradeable on major Defi exchanges. Making MUZE holders, and by extension Energy Coin holders, part of the burgeoning and rapidly growing crypto economy.

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