About Muze Network

Muze Network is a small but mighty team with one primary mission – to help millions of creators and community builders realize the power of their own digital currency powered community economies, without having to be a cryptocurrency developer or expert. We built Muze Network so that those managing an online following of fans and followers could leverage the power of the digital currency revolution, and find better engagement and monetization opportunities – which surpass what’s possible with current social media and web-based approaches alone. Our goal is to help you grow your online community efforts!

We’re growing, so if you have interest in working on the Muze Network project, please message us!

For more information you may be interested in our Media Kit.

Founding Team

Michael Dykstra

Founder & CEO

Michael is Muze Network’s founder.  He brings years of complex project and start-up business experience to this exciting new challenge. He’d be more than happy to talk about the project so feel free to reach out via email or LinkedIn. michael@muzenetwork.io

Michael Beyer

Financial Consultant

Michael is a Founding Associate and brings his background in finance and accounting to the project. 

Proloy Bhaduri

Developer - Technical Consultant

Proloy is a full stack developer and the teams technical consultant and programmer.