Muze Network

A revolutionary, new ecosystem for building your own online community. Leverage the power of your own digital currency and community economy to monetize your efforts like never before.

Building Online Communities

Build your own online community and monetize your efforts like never before.

Creators build and manage a vibrant community and leverage the power of your own digital currency. Create and curate social groups and forums. Sell things in your own e-commerce shop. Set up paid memberships. Create online courses and learning materials. Manage an event calendar and sell tickets for live and virtual events. Livestream with your community members. And much more. All integrated with your own, custom-named digital currency.


Build your community for free. No fees ever!

Build and manage your own community economy.

Every community manager gains control of their own, custom named digital currency, (like JOHNCOIN or GDNLUV) that we call Energy Coin. Your members purchase and spend it in a wide variety of ways you manage. When they spend it, you earn it. Additionally, you and your members can send your Energy Coin to anyone else within the Muze Network with a couple clicks. Receive monthly Energy Coin rewards which are distributed to all communities based on engagement and activity measures.

Start-up Grant

We invest in your community economy start-up! Every community manager receives 50,000 of their own Energy Coin, to use in any way they see fit. Use some of it to reward and engage with your members. Hold it for later use. It’s yours to get your community economy jump-started. And like all of your Energy Coin you acquire and earn, you can exchange it for MUZE tokens and US Dollars.

Rewards Program

We continue supporting your community! Every month we distribute significant amounts of Energy Coin to community managers, based on community engagement and activity measures. Healthier, more active, engaged communities receive more rewards. But it’s not just about the size of your community. Small communities matter as much as the big ones – they can be just as engaged and active as larger communities.

MUZE Token Support

MUZE, a BEP20 token on the Binance Smart Chain, is the utility and gateway token for the collective of Muze Network communities. It guarantees both the value and liquidity of each community’s Energy Coin, no matter the size of the community or it’s capitalization. In this way we can guarantee the health and stability of many small community economies that would not stand on their own. All holders of Energy Coin can exchange it for MUZE tokens.

A community platform with the features you need

Ecommerce shop

Social groups

Discussion forums

Events and tickets

Messaging built-in

Digital currency integration

Courses and learning materials

Paid memberships

Restricted content access

Zoom integration

Photos and media albums



Group messaging

User support

Muze Network was built for creators of all types

Content creators Podcasters
Writers and bloggers Artists of all kinds
Personal brands Influencers
Small businesses Vloggers and Live streamers
Those with a cause/Charities Teachers & Personal coaches

Charitable giving built-in

Muze Network devotes a significant amount of the supply of MUZE tokens to charitable giving initiatives. Each holder of MUZE tokens will be able to participate in a decision-making process where charitable initiatives are identified and funded. In this way, the combined economic power of all the Muze Network communitites is able to fund worthy causes.

Comparing our feature set

We’re changing the paradigm! We’ve gone well beyond other projects that enable a creator digital currency by developing an easy-to-use and feature-rich community-building platform. We’ve built an ecosystem with powerful tools for creators to build an engaging, vibrant community with the power of their own community economy.

And by the way…

No fees or charges, ever.

No advertising, ever!

We won’t sell your data, ever.